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Swiss Digital Asset Custody Report 2023

Switzerland is taking a leading role in the custody of digital assets. This is reflected in the Swiss Digital Asset Custody Report 2023 published in June by Home of Blockchain, which presents interesting results and insights into the Swiss digital asset landscape.

Switzerland is one of the global leaders in the secure custody of digital assets. The report cites the regulatory conditions, the clear, legal framework (e.g. ICO guidelines, DLT law), and the innovation and diversity of our ecosystem as reasons. 

A broad spectrum 
Digital assets and tokens are offered, often supplemented with other services. Business models are also diverse: from a pure B2B bank, such as InCore Bank, to online, private and universal banks, financial market infrastructure or wallet providers. Switzerland has become an attractive location for foreign companies to serve clients with digital wealth services as well. 

Some findings from the report:

  • Token
    Often, only Bitcoin and Ether are offered. However, crypto providers offer tokens from different protocols, especially the ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum. Only a few offer custody services for NFTs and security or asset tokens (20.6%).
  • Type of client
    Half of the respondents serve B2C and B2B clients. Only 26.5% focus exclusively on B2B customers. 

  • Licensing
    79.4% of respondents have licensing in the form of an asset management firm, a securities firm, a banking license or a self-regulatory organization.

  • Deposit insurance/guarantee
    41.2% of providers offer some form of deposit insurance or guarantee to increase the security of assets in custody. 

  • ​​​​​Bankruptcy prevention
    73.5% of respondents hold client funds off-balance sheet. The remaining providers offer self-management solutions or are pure technology providers.

Source: Swiss Digital Asset Custody Report 2023
The Swiss Digital Asset Custody Report was published in June 2023 by Alexander E. Brunner, Home of Blockchain.
A total of 34 companies were surveyed, including 15 banks.  

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Pirro Morandi, Head Client Relationship & Sales
Pirro Morandi, Head Client Relationship & Sales
InCore Bank AG
AuthorInCore Bank AG