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First-class banking services
for both traditional and
digital assets 


With our services, you free up time
to concentrate on your core
business and your strategy


Experienced and competent
contact persons who are happy
to answer your questions


BPO for private banks and securities firms is one of our core competencies. As a pure transaction bank with no private clients of our own, we are fully focused on offering you the best possible service in these times of fundamental change in the banking sector.

Outsourcing business processes is always a matter of trust – nowhere more so than in private banking. With us, you can count on our decades of experience as an outsourcing partner to private banks. Our modular BPO solution is fully oriented to the needs of the private banking business. 

Alongside the experience of our expert employees, a key asset of our successful BPO approach is the InCore complete banking solution, which is built upon efficient execution and support of all private banking processes. We can achieve a high degree of automation and concentrate entirely on correctly handling any exceptions and special cases. That way, we achieve the high quality of service you expect.

 Our BPO services generally cover the following areas:

  • Middle and back office operations
    (securities, foreign exchange and precious metals) 
  • Other services
    - Tax reporting
    - Regulatory reporting
    - Accounting
    - Mailing and printing (as part of full outsourcing)
    - and more

Why choose us? 
InCore Bank is your one-stop provider of first-class banking services for traditional and digital assets.
Simplify your day-to-day banking processes and respond to market changes in an agile manner.

Your expert:
Portrait Werner Kriech
Werner Kriech
Head of Product Management / Business Development Outsourcing Services
«InCore was formed as a spin-off of the trading desk, back office and IT operations of a private bank. We understand the requirements and needs of the private banking sector in detail and offer you personal contacts in all fields.»Write to our team