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InCore Bank Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland («InCore») will keep the information provided to InCore via this complaint form (the «Information») strictly confidential, will only use the Information in connection with the complaint and will not send it or make it accessible to third parties abroad. The provider of the Information (the «Provider»), however, understands and acknowledges that any Information will be processed and stored by InCore and some of InCore’s contractual partners in Switzerland to the extent these partners support InCore in the context of Provider’s complaint. Moreover, the Provider understands and acknowledges that InCore may disclose the identity of the Provider as well as the Information to the involved persons in case of investigations or queries from a competent authority or self-regulatory organization.

As in every electronic transfer of data or use of electronic means of communications, it is possible that Information may be intercepted by third parties, lost, arrive late or incomplete, damaged, falsified or destroyed. InCore cannot provide any warranties that such incidents will not occur and particularly provides no warranties for the security and error-free transmission of Information. The Provider is fully aware of the hazards of electronic communication.

Any liability of InCore in connection with the Information is excluded to the extent possible under applicable Swiss laws.

All legal relationships between InCore and the Provider are governed by Swiss law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Zurich, Switzerland.