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Business review
In the 2023 financial year, InCore Bank AG reached a notable milestone in its efforts to further consolidate and expand the eight…

 InCore Bank Annual Report 2023

What our clients and partners say

Together with InCore Bank, we have created a comprehensive crypto-asset solution that allows asset managers and banks to easily launch innovative cryptocurrency investment products in their own name. In this way, they can offer their own clients innovative investment products and make their portfolios fit for the future.

Portrait Philippe Nägeli, GenTwo
Philippe A. Naegeli
CEO & Co-Founder GenTwo | Partner in Product Structuring Services

A good relationship with our outsourcing partners is key to our success. As our strategic partner, InCore is helping to shape our future with its extensive expertise. Together, we form a strong team to overcome challenges and develop new solutions.

Portrait Mario Contartese
Mario Contartese
COO, Globalance Bank AG | Outsourcing client

We couldn't be more thrilled with the transformative impact that the digital asset platform/crypto has had on our private bank. Thanks to this innovative technology, we've not only expanded our client base but have also attracted a dynamic and forward-thinking new client segment. The platform's user-friendly interface and robust security features have instilled confidence in our clients, making their cryptocurrency transactions seamless and secure. lt has revolutionized the way we serve our clients, and we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with such a cuttingedge technology provider. NPB has been a partner of InCore Bank since 2013.

Tom Govaerts
Tom Govaerts
Managing Director, Partner, Head Private Banking International/UHNWI, NBP Neue Privat Bank | Digital Assets