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Your benefits

Increased tradability
of illiquid assets


Faster and
cheaper transactions


Easier access
to investors


With InCore Bank, you can implement specific strategies with innovative investment instruments in a cost-effective and unbureaucratic way. We operate several issuing platforms for structured products and tokenization. 

As a bank or asset manager, are you looking for a hybrid model with cost-effective capital sourcing that appeals to traditional investors and digital asset investors alike? InCore Bank will provide you with a solution that meets your individual investment objectives. 



Your expert
Portrait Roger Darin
Roger Darin
Head of New Markets
«With us as a partner, handling becomes as easy as with traditional assets – regardless of the existing core banking system.»Write to our team

Our Services

Launching the product

InCore Bank operates multiple issuing platforms for structured products and tokenization.
By working with proven structurers, you benefit from cost advantages.


InCore Bank acts as your paying agent, coordinating the flow of funds between investors and the product, and handling the value rights.

Brokerage & Custody

As a Swiss bank, we act as the counterparty for all transactions. We are a reliable broker and custodian with a global network, competitively priced services and the security of a Swiss bank.

Life Cycle Management

Benefit from our many years of B2B experience in areas such as order management, settlement or digital access.

Why clients favor our solution

  • No unnecessary counterparty risks
  • Mix of traditional and digital assets in the same structure
  • Off-balance sheet
  • Easy to find, thanks to Swiss ISIN
  • Flexible pricing for investors
  • Unlimited rebalancing
  • Compliance with applicable KYC/AML regulations

Our approach 

  • Analyze your needs
  • Develop a tailored product strategy
  • Organize set-up with proven structurers
  • Life cycle management


Tokenization is the process of converting an asset into a distinct digital counterpart. The asset is securitized using blockchain technology and represented by a token as a digital asset. Just about any tangible or intangible asset can be converted to a token, including collectibles, luxury goods, buildings, structures, securities, intellectual property, agricultural products or raw materials. Ownership is traceable and barriers to entry for private (small) investors are low because everything can be represented in small shares.

If buyers invest directly in a fraction of the tokenized asset, implementation is simple and fast. However, tokenization is limited to assets for which ownership can be transferred with a simple contract. With indirect tokenization, tokens are issued when buyers invest in an SPV that holds the tokenized assets. This allows for flexible tokenization of any asset without any additional administrative costs.