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InCore Bank at the FuW Forum «Blockchain in Financial Services 2021»

Already for the third time in a row, InCore Bank was pleased to be part of the Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum "Blockchain in Financial Services" on 19 October 2021. This year, the conference at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute focused on the topic of «Security through Technology».

The event was opened by keynote speeches, impulses and panel discussions from industry experts such as Michael Ashton from Gibraltar Finance, Dr. Nino Landerer from the State Secretariat for International Financial Matters and Dr. Olivier Favre from Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd.

As part of the conference, Mark Dambacher, CEO of InCore Bank, Roger Darin, Head of Digital Finance at Inacta AG, and Michael Schneebeli, Partner at gwp, led the participants through an exciting workshop on the topic of «Has the crypto ship sailed for banks yet?»

Conclusion of the workshop: According to Roger Darin, the crypto train has not departed yet for banks, however, it is definitely steadily gaining speed. Furthermore, it is clear that banks that make the necessary preparations in terms of crypto today will be among the market leaders in the future. 

Mark Dambacher also draws a positive balance from the event and the workshop together with bank representatives and other industry experts: "What is particularly interesting for me is that a complete mindset has taken place over the last few years. Digital assets are no longer a unknown concept; on the contrary, their added value seems to be recognized.»

The event concluded with further exciting panel discussions and keynotes, followed by a networking apéro. Thanks to FuW Forum for the excellent organisation and to all participants for the interesting and inspiring exchange! 

More video impressions of the conference can be found here.

InCore Bank am FuW Forum «Blockchain in Financial Services 2021»
InCore Bank AG
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