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InCore Bank and inacta enter into partnership to bring crypto assets to incumbent banks

Demonstrating their strong belief and shared vision that crypto assets will play a vital role in the future of finance, InCore Bank AG and inacta AG are joining forces to bring the entire value chain to traditional banks.

The independent Swiss IT consulting company for Information Management and crypto assets inacta AG is partnering with InCore Bank AG to provide technology and an ecosystem to banks that want to enter the market for crypto assets.

Building on its comprehensive offering for banks and financial services companies, InCore Bank will broaden its services to include all value spaces that are inherent to crypto assets: token generation, distribution, brokerage and storage as well as crypto currency brokerage and storage.

Using these services, traditional banks can enter the market for crypto assets without the need to invest money to build their own infrastructure. Using InCore Bank for middle and back-office activities, including custody of the crypto assets, banks will have a turnkey solution and can focus on their core business and customers.

InCore Bank CEO Mark Dambacher explains: “We have been offering brokerage, global custody, correspondent bank payment transactions and compliance services from day one. Our clients appreciate the benefits that come from outsourcing activities that are not central to their value creation, and adding full support for crypto assets is the next logical step.”

Ralf Glabischnig, Managing Partner at inacta AG, adds: “This partnership will accelerate adoption of blockchain technologies in the banking sector and create new markets that couldn’t be served within the traditional structure in finance.”

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