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First digital asset based on a Swiss blue chip launched

InCore Bank and GenTwo Digital launch Switzerland's first digital asset representing a tracker on a Swiss blue chip. It gives digital asset investors access to traditional financial instruments. As a world first, with "CRYSP", InCore Bank's white label solution, it is now possible to issue both traditional Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) and tokens with one and the same vehicle.

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Today, InCore Bank and GenTwo Digital launch a tokenized tracker. This tracker on Partners Group (SWX: PGHN) shares makes it possible for the first time to invest in a digital asset representing a Swiss blue chip. The token is based on the Tezos blockchain, which corresponds to the DAR-1 standard announced by the bank last year.

Enabling hybrid financial instruments

 InCore Bank CEO Mark Dambacher said:
«Last year, we launched CRYSP, a solution for customized white-label investment products. We are now specifically expanding CRYSP with today's launch of this digital investment product. For the first time, it is possible to issue both traditional Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) and tokens with the same financial vehicle. This hybrid model enables cost-saving capital raising by targeting traditional investors and digital asset investors simultaneously.»

Following the motto «create your structured products», InCore Bank's CRYSP solution allows asset managers and banks to easily offer innovative investment products under their own name, consisting of both digital and traditional assets.

Philippe Naegeli, CEO of GenTwo, commented:
«The tracker on Partners Group shares demonstrates the potential of our securitization platforms. Thanks to partnerships such as GenTwo Digital's with InCore Bank, we are jointly nudging solutions that meet the needs of many investors for new investment opportunities. And we are bridging the gap between two worlds.»

Easy access for any bank

Subscriptions for the tracker, which has a maturity of one year, will be accepted until April 8, 2022. For banks whose customers want to participate in this historic event but lack the necessary technical infrastructure, InCore Bank offers custody and brokerage services for digital assets.

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[Translate to Englisch:] InCore Bank CEO Mark Dambacher und GenTwo CEO Philippe Naegeli (v.l.n.r) lancieren den ersten digitalen Vermögenswert der Schweiz, der einen Schweizer Blue Chip repräsentiert.
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